Teaching and practicing the non-violent traditional Japanese martial art of aikido
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Adult Program

AIKIDO in Fredericksburg offers twenty classes each week for adults, so you should be able to participate regardless of your work schedule.

AIKIDO classes offer a challenging yet supportive environment for learning. Practicing with others of different attributes and levels of skill is part of the AIKIDO process. A foundation in AIKIDO will enhance your physical and mental capabilities.

Each class begins and ends with a bow. Bowing is an offering of courtesy and respect to our art’s heritage. Each student wears a white gi (uniform). Its cleanliness is a reminder to come to class with a clear mind prepared to learn. These traditions add an air of discipline and respect to our practice.

Class continues with warm-up exercises. Stretches help relax and prepare the body for partner practice. Warm-ups generally end with ukemi (correct falling) including forward and backward rolls. Ukemi permits each student to practice AIKIDO with confidence and safety. The instructor then demonstrates a technique to be applied against a certain attack. The class divides into pairs and each partner alternates being uke and nage (attacker and defender). Both partners depend on each other to safely and smoothly complete each technique. Each partner becomes conscious of his/her own level of ability and that of partners and should strive to improve that level with each class. Every class includes different techniques to give the student an opportunity to look at and assess the attack-defense experience differently. As students advance, the number of techniques, including practice with wooden sword and staff, and the level of difficulty is increased.

AIKIDO offers Physical Benefits:

  • Improved Reflexes and Coordination increase performance in all physical activities
  • Increased Strength and Stamina boost energy, so you feel great all day
  • Increased Flexibility for better overall fitness
  • Increased Aerobic Capacity helps keep you young
  • Practical self-defense skills

AIKIDO offers Mental Benefits:

  • Improved Concentration for better work and study habits
  • Stress Reduction and Increased Levels of Relaxation for a longer, healthier life
  • The Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that you could protect yourself and family
  • Increased Self Confidence and Self Discipline

Some would even say AIKIDO offers Spiritual Benefits.

"I've taken what I've learned from class and applied it to many different aspects of my business and personal life and both seem to be doing much better. For me, Aikido isn't just in the Dojo; it’s when I walk out of the Dojo that it applies for me. When I'm in the Dojo and we are all training, it's like a safe haven, some place were I can train and be comfortable. Some place I get one hour a day away from the stress of life." – Mike

"Aikido is a perfect fit for me.  Before beginning training, I hadn't done anything physically demanding since gymnastics as a child.  Aikido is non-competitive, yet very challenging both physically and mentally.  For me, training provides a stress outlet as well as a warm social circle.  The dojo boasts members with a wide range of age and training levels.  There is such a wonderful sense of community in the dojo, and there is always room for new members.  Training in aikido is truly enlightening, even when I come home sore." - Christie Tompkins

"Aikido in Fredericksburg is like joining a family, it’s a place where you feel comfortable and enjoy going.  Aikido also started me on my way to getting in shape and losing weight the healthy way, slowly.  A year after joining the club I had lost 50 pounds and felt great, with more energy and more flexibility, I would recommend Aikido in Fredericksburg to anyone interested in health, fitness and an effective, lower impact self defense method." – Mike Carrancho