Teaching and practicing the non-violent traditional Japanese martial art of aikido
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Special Projects

AIKIDO in Fredericksburg offers a variety of specialty programs to provide the most complete martial arts training available:

  • Individual Instruction: AIKIDO in Fredericksburg provides individual instruction by appointment to all members. This allows students to improve and augment their skills in intensive one-on-one sessions.
  • Weapons Training: AIKIDO in Fredericksburg also provides weapons training. While development of unarmed self-defense in our primary goal, weapons training provides improved upper body development, better hand-eye coordination, increased concentration, challenge, and fun. The use of weapons also provides a solid basis for how to disarm an armed attacker. The weapons included in our program include the wooden sword (bokken), staff (jo), and knife (tanto). Iwama-style AIKIDO is unique in that we practice combined hand-arts and weapons (riai) as taught by O’Sensei, which leads to advanced proficiency.
  • Sotodeshi Program: Intermediate and advanced students that have demonstrated a commitment to AIKIDO have an opportunity for more intensive training experience via the Sotodeshi ("outside student") program. The Sotodeshi program is designed to help the student focus and commit to their goals in AIKIDO. It is an optional enhanced program for eligible members of AIKIDO in Fredericksburg that requires additional responsibilities on the part of the member and provides additional benefits.
  • Uchideshi Program: Commencing with the dedication of our new dojo in 2009, Aikido in Fredericksburghas offered the best uchideshi facilities. Uchideshi ("live-in student") have the opportunity for intensive training supervised by our 5th dan Chief Instructor and senior students. With the opportunity to train 20 hours per week or more, progress to blackbelt and beyond can be swift. Beginners and advanced students of aikido can participate. Reasonable costs for comfortable housing and dojo dues can be bartered for those with needed skills including building trades, marketing, landscaping, and videography. Requirements are reliable transportation, health insurance, and an open mind. As an uchideshi, you will challenge yourself, have fun, and learn traditional aikido via this intensive program.
  • Seniors Classes: One of the Organization’s goals is to make AIKIDO training available to persons from all walks of life. Accordingly, since January 2006, we have been offering a once-a-week class via the Stafford County Parks & Recreation Department to senior citizens (ages 55 and up). The class is a low-impact version of the AIKIDO curriculum and has been warmly received by seniors up to their eightees who report increased fitness, coordination, and stability from the practice! Click here to browse newspaper stories about our seniors.
  • Seminars: At least twice a year, AIKIDO in Fredericksburg hosts seminars with visiting instructors selected from among the best in the world. Look at our Events Page for a list of upcoming seminars. Included in our seminars is the Kenshukai Series of Workshops. Kenshukai further public understanding of AIKIDO, develop educated members, and educate other practitioners of AIKIDO.
    • Common Ground – every other year, we host a Friendship Seminar in which the senior AIKIDO instructors from different AIKIDO styles from around Virginia instruct and aikidoists from around the region participate.
    • Gasshuku - AIKIDO in Fredericksburg coordinates the (almost) Annual Memorial Day Weekend Gasshuku for the Takemusu Aikido Association and in 2011 launched the first East Coast USA Iwama-Style AIKIDO Gasshuku which will be held here every other year.
    • In April of 2006, we hosted the first "Aiki Kodomo Kenshukai" – How to Teach Aikido to Children Educators Workshop. The seminar faculty was an experienced group of nine Sensei, and educators from around the country, who gathered to provide "how-to" resources and share best practices with 40 seminar participants, most of whom are AIKIDO instructors. The event was well received and the second Aiki Kodomo Kenshukai was held in October 2008 in Berkeley, California, and the third here at our new dojo in 2010.  The 2012 program will be in Seattle, Washington.  Click here to purchase Instructional DVDs from this program.  The Kenshukai will be held every other year, alternating between east and west coast locations.